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Ouran High School Host Club~! Manga time!

28 Nov


Ciaossu minna~!! ahhh..what a good mood I’m today~! I’m just finish watching Persona 4 the Animation and Chihayafuru~! What a good anime nee!! hyaaahaaa! *v*

I wonder what anime should i watch next..hurm..e-etoo..lets seee~!

– Kuroshitsuji


– Anohana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)

– Pandora Hearts

ehee..too bad i want to watch durarara too!


i gotta finish those three soon.

Eheee..back to the topics~!

i really miss this  anime..you know..Ouran Host Club! its the best comedy anime i have ever seen! but too bad it already end..T^T

so..I continue reading the manga..and I already finishing it!
Just want to share some of my favourite moments with you guys! ^^

Continue reading~! 😀


Ahahahaha..Haruhi just realised her feeling..soo sweet!

”but its okay since i’am her father”?! Baka tamaki-senpai..xD

Dejavu?!! LOL xD Tamaki’s mother very beautiful nee~ ^_^

For the first time..Honey-sempai doesn’t look cute in this pic..I think..he looks..COOL!!! x3 ❤


awwiehhhh~~ ❤

Lol Haruhi..ahaahahhhaha! xDDD

LMAO..dats not a feeling of father! xD


KISS!!!! <3333

lol dats all i want to share to you all minna! hope you like it! x3

and the last pic! i found it at OHSHC web sites! ;D


Yay! Happy ending!



Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Chapter 357 *Update!!

17 Oct

Yo minna!!


I will updated the manga!

ENJOY minna!!