[Lyrics] Sky’s The Limit – Persona 4 Animation OP

27 Nov


This song is really thrilling me from the first time I heard this song until now

Check This out!


Glaciers of ideas importing
To my friends then exporting
To the next keeping it open we want no closing
Even without doubts our thoughts can be Dope and
This mind trade no one can stop
And act of thinking is terrible to stop we just change up not drop
And my crew can rock it like uprock
Life is tedious if ain’t flowing copy and paste?
Constant defaulting put my courage to it
Begin showing off That’s the way we wanna live
Keep going yeah!
What was so much
Of trasparency
Turned into bright


Instinct tells me to keep going together
(going together)
It’s breathtaking moments of life
Addicted to it minds craving more and more
I’m believing you and I can do anything
We can change the world
Hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings
To roadless travel
Together we go


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